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save the senator. save the world.

Nathan Anthony Petrelli's journal

Nathan Anthony Petrelli
23 February 1967
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The events of An Invisible Thread did not go QUITE as seen in the show - instead of Noah and Angela getting into the room, it was Peter and Claire. They managed to save Nathan's life, although he was left with a scar on his throat that he's self-conscious about.

He decided to abandon politics and take on a new career in IT. He has become less gregarious than he used to be, and is more prone to reflecting on his actions and what they meant to his family and those close to him. He loves and misses his children, all three of them, and worries about his younger brother, ex wife and mother (even though he's learned his lesson by now - listening to her advice has never led to anything good). Now he's quite happy to live a quiet life as a private citizen, since trying to save the world and heroics have repeatedly almost been the end of him.

Feel free to friend this journal, and recommend any good RP's.


Nathan/ Heidi
Nathan/ Jessica (not Niki)
Nathan/ Meredith
Nathan/ Tracy
Nathan/ Hana (crack)

OCs / others considered.


Nathan & Noah
Nathan & Matt
Nathan & Hiro
Nathan & Mohinder

OCs / others considered.


Nathan and Peter
Nathan and Angela
Nathan and Arthur
Nathan and Claire
Nathan and Simon
Nathan and Monty
Nathan and Micah
Nathan and Molly

OCs / others considered.


- Sanctuary
- Supernatural
- Fringe
- Dollhouse
- The X Files
- Profit
- Angel
- Burn Notice
- Anything else considered.


- Abuse - domestic, emotional, sexual, anything. No, just no. (Kinky sex is fine, but please know where to draw the line.)
- Non-con, dub-con, rape.
- Claithan.
- Underage anything.
- Petrellicest.
- Incest in general. YKINMKATO, but it's not my cup of Java.


- Power modding.
- Using my pup as a sex toy.
- OOC'ness, Canon Sues.
- Wangst.


- Crack
- Scheming
- Shenanigans
- Fluff

Other notes:

I am perfectly aware of who I am playing, but I would like to keep the romance / sex / relationship plots to a minimum, please.

Sex scenes fade to black MANDATORY, I'm not here for that. Violence on a case by case basis.

I much prefer scheming and action and play romantic storylines only when absolutely necessary, with the provisos outlined above under "squicks". I'd rather not RP with anyone who doesn't respect those boundaries.

This is not SB rp, it's more cracky and light-hearted. However, Nathan has more issues than the National Geographic back catalogue and has made some terrible decisions in his life, which he still hasn't forgiven himself for. Canon continuity is played with fast and loose a little (hitting his brother with a lead pipe and beating him up when he cheated on an exam? really, writers? Here, Nathan was the one who cheated his ass off in exams while Peter made THAT disapproving face at him and threatened to tell Mom and Dad.) He is blase and cynical about most of the events in his life, seeing how he was manipulated since birth by his entire family and almost everyone who knew him. He usually feels like the only sane man with all the crazies who surround him, but takes the opportunity to cut loose sometimes, enjoying music and books and hanging out with his brother.

This journal is RP, but also contains fic, both IC and OOC.